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Words in Passing



To be a first-class poet requires a fluency of language, mas­tery of a vocabulary sufficient to express seminal, original thoughts set down with rhythm, with imagery, and with de­scriptive evocation that communicates flaw­lessly with the recipient of the poetry of verse.  Such is the case with the poetry of E.M. Schorb.

  —The Midwest Book Review



What strikes me most about the poems in Words in Passing, E.M. Schorb's largest collection to date, is their subtle musi­cality and intellectual range. They demon­strate that Mr Schorb is a poet of great skill and keen wit, a rare formalist whose iambs do not thump and whose ear is attuned to a most intriguing symphony. They hearken back to the great poems of the first half of the twentieth century, to the masterpieces of Robert Frost, John Crowe Ransom, Wallace Stevens, and W.H. Auden. They be­speak the presence of a major American poet, one whose mastery of forms is unparalleled and whose voice is reso­nant, pas­sionate and true long after his book is re­turned to the shelf.

   —Leo Yankevich, Publisher

      The New Formalist Press