E.M. Schorb

"Schorb draws from science, art, literary history, and popular culture, balancing these subjects in a thoughtfully conceived and organized book. Lurking behind all is the danger and violence of life--call it man's and nature's inhumanity to each other--which Schorb handles maturely, without cynicism, and often with a humor that places him somewhere between Marvin Bell and Kenneth Koch."
 --Todd Verdun
  The Carolina Quarterly

“Schorb’s poetry is rich with humor and an almost gestaltic sense of clarity; this unique voice allows him to maintain a tonal unity while moving through a variety of forms.”
 --Raymond Thibodeaux
   New Delta Review

Time and Fevers

Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Award

An Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner

“The poems of E.M. Schorb shine calmly even as they buzz with energy; are connaissant with the world and yet transcendent of it; make something deeply funny and yet highly sad—given a world and a time and a good mind’s eye. This is the work of a mature intelligence, its ironies unadulterated by cynicism, and its swells informed by understatement.”
—Heather McHugh

“To be a first-class poet requires a fluency of language, mastery of a vocabulary sufficient to express seminal, original thoughts set down with rhythm, with imagery, and with descriptive evocation that communicates flawlessly with the recipient of the poetry of verse. Such is the case with the poetry of E.M. Schorb.”

—Paul T. Vogel, Midwest Book Review

Selected Works

Prose Poems
Schorb demonstrates that the world of prose poetry has no boundaries of form, theme, or style.
--Jack Anderson
"Resurgius is a quietly hilarious read which, unique though it is, strikes me as belonging to the very league as the comic gems of Evelyn Waugh and Nathaniel West."
—X. J. Kennedy
"Chaos' has everything you want in good literature--poignant writing, drama, and redemption."
—Award Citation, Christopher Klim
"Fortune Island is a riveting read that can't be put down."
Midwest Book Review
Historical Mystery
"A crackling good story told in the compelling, precise prose of a poet."
--Award Citation, Walter Anderson, Publisher, Parade Publications
“I am always happy to drop everything—pretty nearly—when I make the acquaintance of a poet as good as E.M. Schorb.”
—James Dickey
"Schorb has been writing some of the best American poetry for decades."
—Jim Barnes
"The Ideologues is an amazing collection. The final poem, 'Toward the End,' reveals the reason that poetry exists."
—Fred Chappell
Winner of the Verna Emery Poetry Prize Purdue University Press