E.M. Schorb

Scenario For Scorsese

"The book is excellent. The story is captivating, the plot winds like an old road--occasionally difficult to follow, but worth the effort. The characters come to life, move and speak on their own, and draw you further into the tale. I was absolutely enthralled. There are two poems in the book that are perfectly placed, and fantastic to read. I give the book 5 stars out of five. I couldn't stop reading once I got into it. It moves like an express engine until the end. Captivating."
--Kara L. Wolf, Mainstream Reviews

"Father Michael Din, a young priest unsure of his vocation, wanders into a bar and into the lives of an assortment of characters. There are the two would-be Muslim terrorists; (Note: written before 9/​11) Tory, a jazz musician; a Puerto Rican prostitute; her AIDS afflicted brother; and Toddy Muir and her estranged artist husband. The title comes from a poem written by Father Din, given to his elderly pastor, calling it a form of confession. A struggle between Good and Evil, this story has a highly satisfying ending."
--Lorraine Gelly, ReviewingtheEvidence.com

Selected Works

Prose Poems
Schorb demonstrates that the world of prose poetry has no boundaries of form, theme, or style.
--Jack Anderson
"Resurgius is a quietly hilarious read which, unique though it is, strikes me as belonging to the very league as the comic gems of Evelyn Waugh and Nathaniel West."
—X. J. Kennedy
"Chaos' has everything you want in good literature--poignant writing, drama, and redemption."
—Award Citation, Christopher Klim
"Fortune Island is a riveting read that can't be put down."
Midwest Book Review
Historical Mystery
"A crackling good story told in the compelling, precise prose of a poet."
--Award Citation, Walter Anderson, Publisher, Parade Publications
Noir Thriller
"An addition to the crime fiction canon that tackles the underworld as no other novel has done before."
--Anthony Dauer, Editor, Judas_ezine
“I am always happy to drop everything—pretty nearly—when I make the acquaintance of a poet as good as E.M. Schorb.”
—James Dickey
"Schorb has been writing some of the best American poetry for decades."
—Jim Barnes
"The Ideologues is an amazing collection. The final poem, 'Toward the End,' reveals the reason that poetry exists."
—Fred Chappell
Winner of the Verna Emery Poetry Prize Purdue University Press