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Scenario For Scorsese

"The book is excellent. The story is captivating, the plot winds like an old road--occasionally difficult to follow, but worth the effort. The characters come to life, move and speak on their own, and draw you further into the tale. I was absolutely enthralled. There are two poems in the book that are perfectly placed, and fantastic to read. I give the book 5 stars out of five. I couldn't stop reading once I got into it. It moves like an express engine until the end. Captivating."

--Kara L. Wolf, Mainstream Reviews

"Father Michael Din, a young priest unsure of his vocation, wanders into a bar and into the lives of an assortment of characters. There are the two would-be Muslim terrorists; (Note: written before 9/11) Tory, a jazz musician; a Puerto Rican prostitute; her AIDS afflicted brother; and Toddy Muir and her estranged artist husband. The title comes from a poem written by Father Din, given to his elderly pastor, calling it a form of confession. A struggle between Good and Evil, this story has a highly satisfying ending."
--Lorraine Gelly,